7 Jobs That Suit Your Coding Skill

Programming is a career with a bright future in the current digital era due to the variety of work available and the high need for people.

According to some research, the expected job for programmers has an increase 23.5% which shows that programming jobs are becoming more and more in demand.

With the right coding skills, you can naturally find work in this particular field. Do you already know the kinds of programming jobs that are now in demand, though? Come on, look below for some of professions that suit your coding skills!

7 Jobs In Demand If You Have Coding Skills

You have a wide range of programming employment options to pick from. Here are a few examples:

  1. Programmer

According to Indeed, a programmer is in charge of creating and editing the code for software and programs.

There are a few talents that must be achieved before you may try this vocation, such as knowledge of several programming languages, analytical thinking, and effective problem-solving.

However, coding is the primary competency that is required. It will undoubtedly be tough for you to fulfill your duties as a programmer if you lack this one ability.

  1. Mobile programmers

Another prospective area of job in the programming industry is that of mobile developers. In fact, this industry is regarded as one of the ones with the quickest growth rates worldwide.

The main duties of this occupation are mentioned by Robert Half. For instance, creating code, testing it, documenting, and tracking the performance of mobile apps

Therefore, it goes without saying that you must be familiar with programming languages like Java (Android) and Swift if you want to pursue a career as a mobile developer (iOS).

  1. Front-end programmer

The business will always need someone in this particular field. It should come as no surprise that a lot of people want to try to build a career in this field.

When launching Edureka, a trustworthy front end developer needs to be proficient in a number of technical areas, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, and web performance.

Meanwhile, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication are soft skills that must be learned.

  1. Back-end programmer

This type of work in the programming industry is also very prevalent. In reality, due to their appealing career possibilities, back end developers have always been a target.

A back end developer’s primary concerns when working are the website’s database, scripting, and architecture.

Behind the scenes, they ensure that the website is operational and guard against hacking attempts.

  1. Full stack developer

Do you know what the front end and the back end are? You can therefore test out a career as a full stack developer.

Being a full stack developer requires you to have a thorough understanding of website development. starting with database creation and ending with client interactions.

Consequently, you need some skills if you want to develop into a dependable complete stack developer. For instance, effective communication requires an understanding of front end and back end computer languages.

  1. Computer programmers

Software engineers are in charge of creating, maintaining, and updating software.

As a software engineer, you must first be proficient in programming languages like Java, C++, Python, C#, Ruby, and.Net in order to complete jobs efficiently.

Not only do you need technical skills, but also soft skills like communication, diligence, adaptability, and a strong desire to learn new things.

  1. Engineer in quality assurance

The last form of work in the programming industry is a quality assurance engineer, which is also one of the most sought-after positions.

According to Rasmussen University, from 2018 to 2028, this profession’s growth will increase to 9%.

Maintaining the application’s or software’s quality is the primary responsibility of this profession. To ensure that the generated apps are of the highest caliber, they must conduct a number of tests.

Well, those are 7 jobs that suit your coding skills. You have to know that the salary of several jobs mentioned above is quite appealing. No wonder many people rush to online programming course to enhance their coding skills to get the job they wanted.

With the improvement of technology and the development of digital world, there is no doubt coding skill is highly in demand now and in the next years ahead.