Is It Important To Go Green?

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Environmentally responsible behavior is not only a fad. Going green is also seen as the best option to deal with this serious environmental issue.

No matter their position or social standing, everybody may have a positive impact on the environment. The obligation to care for the earth remains the same as long as that person is still a living being on this planet.

Just like Korindo Group, they establish CSC (Corporate Social Contributions) with five main programs, one of which is eco-friendly actions. You, as a personal human being, also have to improve your life and the lives of people around you by taking eco-friendly action! Before going into the details, let’s explore more about “going green” activities.

Why go green?

One thing that we as humans can do to take care of the planet, which is so ancient, is to engage in “go green” activities.

The world is getting older, and it takes knowledge from us to change the flow of nature in order to make it more comfortable to live in, or at least get better again. The “go green” movement is how we show our awareness of and concern for the environment.

It is hoped that by following the procedures and upholding the key values, we will be able to contribute to the sustainability of the planet’s state.

The Goal of “Go Green” Activities

So, why are these “Go Green” initiatives so important? Okay, so this is predicated on the earth’s deteriorating state, which is quite serious.

Antarctica actually reached its highest temperature ever in early January of last year, as you may remember. This caused one of the icebergs or glaciers in Antarctica, specifically Pine Island, to recede and even collapse as a result of its presence.

Large amounts of water will be released into the oceans as a result of these glaciers melting. What would happen if all the glaciers melted, do you think?

In addition, water temperatures will rise, which will cause many seashells in New Zealand to be burned to death.

In fact, a lot of specialists believe that coral reefs will be extinct worldwide by the year 2100. In fact, all of these circumstances are quite concerning for future human life. Human actions are the variables that either directly or indirectly influence the occurrence of all these events.

What Activities Influence the Occurrence of All These Events?

Examples include wasting energy, chopping down a lot of trees, tossing trash, and others. You must already be aware of whether global warming has occurred or whether it is a result of climate change.

The state of the world and all living creatures on it, including people, are greatly harmed by this.

With these “go green” activities that Korindo Foundation has already started, we hope to encourage people to take action to stop global warming and get back to sustainable environmental practices.

Principles of Green Activities

Of course, the proper principles must form the foundation of any green initiative if you want the results to be successful.

As for how to put this into practice, there are three primary green business principles. This concept is applicable to everyone.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a notion that you must already be aware of.

  1. Reduce

In this case, conserving energy resources is the key to staying green. In this case, the word “reduce” simply means “minimize,” which indicates we must use fewer items in order to produce less trash.

By comprehending this idea, we can make better decisions when performing daily tasks. When shopping, for instance, we frequently use less single-use plastic or Styrofoam. Not only that, but this approach also applies to saving energy by shutting off electrical devices when not in use.

  1. Reuse

The word “reuse” means to utilize or reuse anything that has already been used. Don’t toss them out; instead, decide which materials can be utilized again. Check to see if the item you used can still be used. If so, use it once more.

In fact, doing this seems frugal, unattractive, and so forth. But I assure you that following the “go green” principle has additional advantages.

By decreasing trash, you will not only be more efficient because you won’t need to buy new products, but you will also have a positive impact on the environment.

  1. Recycle

Making something new out of used materials is what recycling is all about. By doing this, you don’t even have to waste new material, which leads to the accumulation of what you don’t need. For example, you can use your plastic bottle to make a plant’s pot (in this case, you don’t even have to buy a brand new plastic pot). This will indirectly lead you to engage in green activities that reduce the use of plastic in order to improve the environment.

Another good example of recycling principles is segregating plastic garbage to make it easier for plastic collectors to transport it to the plastic company. Then the plastics company can recycle the plastic and make new things with old plastic material.

This recycling principle will help prevent the making of new plastic material, which will eventually lead to a better earth.

Simple things to realize green activities

There are some simple activities that you can do to promote “go green” activities.

  1. Create a list of your meals.

These suggestions may appear insignificant. However, organizing the meals that you will prepare and eat will improve your quality of life. Make a list of the ingredients you wish to buy and write them down.

There’s no need to overindulge; the key is to consume enough food to last a day or two.

  1. Reduce the amount of plastic waste.

The biggest environmental issue today is without doubt plastic garbage. The land, sea, and air will all be contaminated by this non-biodegradable trash. In truth, the death of living organisms as a result of plastic garbage is not unusual.

By decreasing or turning plastic waste into products that can be used repeatedly, you can get around this problem.

  1. Limit your product purchases.

Limit the amount of anything you buy that you know will end up as plastic waste or other non-biodegradable rubbish. The DIY (do it yourself) trend is now being practiced more frequently. Without needing to purchase them in packaged form, you can produce a variety of items.

Well, those are all the discussions about “going green,” which Korindo Group has already started implementing in their five main CSC programs.